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Minding Too Much: Charlotte Johnson Wahl

Minding Too Much: Charlotte Johnson Wahl

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Minding Too Much: Charlotte Johnson Wahl edited by Nell Butler.

A lavish catalogue of the works of Charlotte Johnson Wahl, as featured in the major retrospective at the Mall Galleries, London, in 2015. "However inwardly anxious, Johnson Wahl never fails to confront the truth as she sees it, and as she sees it in herself."

Charlotte Johnson Wahl is a wildly original, brilliant British artist. This catalogue brings together Johnson Wahl’s paintings over the past fifty years: intimate family snapshots; insightful portraits; big, bold cityscapes. There are scenes of Seventies parties, New York skyscrapers, vibrant still lifes. There are painful paintings from the Maudsley period and a cheerful abundance of bare breasts, blue bottoms and bouncing babies.
If you want to feel better and worse about the world in equal measure then dive into this visual maelstrom. It represents Charlotte Johnson Wahl’s mind made manifest on canvas: brutal honesty, deep misery and intense joy – being human has rarely been so compelling.

Find out more about Charlotte Johnson Wahl.

Paperback, Riverdog Productions, 2015
200 pages, 250x250mm
ISBN: 9780993352102

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