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Louis Wain's Cats Trump Card Game

Louis Wain's Cats Trump Card Game

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In the style of the classic 70s point battling card game... get ready to pit Louis Wain’s weird and wonderful cats against each other!

Cheeky toms, kaleidoscopic kittens, sophisticated pussies, fluff balls, fearless felines, trippy tabbies, pampered purrers…all kinds of crazy cats! 30 cards, each featuring Louis Wain’s original art and interesting facts about the artist’s life.

So let the catfight commence with the categories of ‘Cute’, ‘Psychedelic’, ‘Mischievous’, ‘Anthropomorphic’ and ‘Fluffy’.

Professionally printed, 32 card set with instructions.
330gsm, laminated, casino quality, Trump size cards (100mm x 62mm), packaged in a printed slip box.
2+ Players
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